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Join a community, not just another boring Discord server. Let's face it, most servers are dull. But with GatherIn, you can bring your gaming community to life. We focus on organizing game events to create an engaging and exciting experience for you and your fellow gamers

Our mission

If you're tired of gatekeepers who make you feel like you're not good enough to join a community, or if you're frustrated with cliquey Discord servers where it feels like everyone knows each other already and no one wants new faces around, then Gatherln is for you.

  • We know how frustrating it can be to try and organize events in Discord servers with cliques and gatekeepers. We're tired of gatekeepers who keep newcomers out. We're tired of the fact that no one can find gamers online because there's no discoverability in our gaming world.

  • We believe in the power of community, but sometimes the gaming world can feel like a lonely place. If you've ever wanted to play with other people but needed to know where to look, or if you've ever created a group but couldn't find new members, then GatherIn is for you.

  • So we decided to fix it. At GatherIn, you can create your community or join an existing one- you're in control! You can also use our tools and discoverability features to find what you want in a gaming community.