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Struggling to find gamers to join your events? With GatherIn you can organize events and announce them in seconds. It's so easy, even your grandma can host Fortnite tournaments

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Hosting game events is fun. But it's hard to get people to come when you're just posting on Discord servers. Use GatherIn to get the word out across all platforms.

Schedule your events so that they're easy for players to find and attend. Just setup a date, time and invite your community

Grow your fanbase. Make your tournaments a success and get more followers for your streams.

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Don't wait for others to host events or sessions. You can now be the person who hosts events that bring gamers together. By becoming a host, you'll be able to find more gamers who are into the same games as you are and plan events with them.

Free yourself from spammy Discord servers.

Stop wasting time with event announcements that nobody reads. Use GatherIn to organize your game events.

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"I'm really stoked for the future of the app and to see where the GatherIn team takes it."

@Hari Von Wintr

"I struggled to find gaming buddies. I would just post on various Discord servers and hope for the best, but it was a pain. Now with GatherIn I can share my event URL across all platforms and find teammates in minutes."


"GatherIn helped fill my Fortnite lobby, sharing custom-matchmaking with participants and directing them to our discord."


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We know how much planning goes into hosting a gaming event. So we want to help. Whether you're hosting a LAN party or a tournament, we've got swag that's perfect for you. Reach out to us today, and let's see what we can do for you!